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The Ancient Art of Psychic Readings & Energy Healings Connected with Psychology-Based Knowledge of Both Eastern & Western Mind-Body & Spirit Connection.

The Psychicology Doctor
The Psychicology Doctor

“Our spirit’s energetic flow is just like nature’s flow of water; stagnant waters create dis-ease, while a waterfall is an unstoppable healing force to be reckoned with.” ~Rev. Dr. Leila Lemieux~

Hello! Welcome to my page “The Psychicology Dr.” It’s pleasure to meet you! I am the Reverend Doctor Leila Lemieux (Known as Rev. Meow to kids and Phoenix in my spiritual community).

With over 20 years of experience in the Esoteric-Spiritual world, and a subject matter expert in fields of Energy-Psychology, I have created a Metaphysical Soul-healing Clinic for you on a mind-body-spirit level.

Through my personal work’s journey, I noticed people are in search for communication on a soul level. Seeking answers through all forms of conduits, but with limited results. As a practitioner who has also been the client, I understand we seek psychic counsel and healings to feel lighter and find our own information. With this knowledge, I have created a very unique way to work with my clients from all over the world. My purpose is to provide insight on creating an easier and lighter path in your unique journey.

Even as a Master of Spiritual Work, I continue to learn & evolve my work, because growth is constant. This continuing growth is applied to my work as The Psychicologist.

My Goal

As the founder and creator of The Psychicology Dr., my goal is to help you behind any situation. No matter how great or small the matter, you deserve a space for healing and looking at information.

We are spirits on a human journey who have more hidden information within our energetic sphere than can be imagined. Getting a healing or reading can provide communication to that information.

The Psychicology Doctor
The Psychicology Doctor

What makes my readings different?

Readings help provide insight. If you have a question, we can look at the energy of the answer. What makes these readings different than other readers is my ability to read without cards or other tools. I read your energy and what you’re creating. Readings may sometimes feel scary depending on the subject, but my approach is mindfulness-based. As a psychologist, my goal is to empower and strengthen my patients; this approach is brought into my readings with my clients. I focus on information I am presented with & what you are creating energetically.

Soul Healing Clinic

Just as our mind holds on to thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, trauma, sadness, joy and everything in between; so does our soul. These recollections get stored in our souls memory bank, spiritual meridian points and energy field (ie: Chakras, layers of the aura, and more intricate points of your soul’s anatomy. Blockages are like viruses, cancers, parasites, emotional heaviness that keep’s the soul’s energy from flowing or is “stuck” energy. This makes life feel like we’re treading through thick mud instead of having a flow of abundance.

The Soul Healing Clinic provides various options to help clear your path and meet you where you are at.

The Psychicology Doctor