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No matter how great or small the question, the answer can be looked at.

  • 15 minutes * $65
  • 20 minutes * $85
  • 30 minutes * $125
  • 45 minutes * $180
  • 50 minutes * $200
  • 60 minutes * $230

Some readings topics include, but are not limited to

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
  • Money
  • Career
  • Love
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • General to deeper
  • Spirit guides
  • Aura colors and meaning
  • Past lives
  • Health (Spiritual Body)


The Psychicology Dr. created her own unique healing modality that cannot be replicated anywhere else. This has been done through decades of learning and honing various healing skills. These healings Removes deep blockages from your space, allowing your own energy to flow & better manifest. (Can be general or specific). If something is “not working” in your life, there may be “energy” holding it in place. This can be health, emotions, financial, family, romance, life goals, sleep patterns, life cycles, and so much more.

These healings help clear karmic cycles, past lives, going much deeper than many well- known practices. Most clients describe healings and “relaxing,” noticing “tingling” around parts of the body during their remote session. The energy-shifting process starts once a session has been booked and continues after the session is completed.

Healings can be applied to any topic or ailment. Results vary per client, chronic or very stuck energies may require more of a healing prescription package. However, I always recommend starting with one session first and go from there.

Note: Healings do not replace medical care or medical advice. All spiritual information acquired about mental or physical health should be consulted with your doctors.

  • 45 minutes * $350
  • 25 minutes * $235
  • 10 minutes * $135

Absentee Healing:

Can’t make it to a live session? I have you covered! Created for those who are on the go, wants a healing while sleeping, or would like a session for someone else (alive, ill or passed away) or for any other reason not mentioned above. A brief bullet point update is provided within 24 hours after absentee healing session.

Spiritual counseling:

A safe & confidential space to discussion and receive intuitive reflective feedback from your psychic therapist.     

45 minutes * $180

Past Life Regressions:

Be guided into a past life by a practitioner who can “see” you and assist you during “blank spots” while journeying into your souls past life memories. Session includes a soul healing retrieval to complete past life karma.

50 minutes * $225

Spaces collect energy and can feel “cluttered”. Space clearing is like an energetic deep cleaning on every corner of your chosen space.

Prices vary depending on space and square footage (please inquire).

Pet Healing:

We love our pets! They are like children to many of us, giving us unconditional love. Pets benefit from healings like humans. Whether it’s to keep them healthy and happy or prepare them to cross-over with love and peace, this healing is catered to their needs.

  • 10 minutes * $59
  • 25 minutes * $120
  • 50 minutes * $250


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence-based practice under Energy Psychology. When a negative event occurs, it can get stuck in the brain with images, sounds, thoughts, tastes, body sensations and more. EMDR allows the brain and body to process these events. Similar to what happens REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), our eyes move rapidly to process daily information. When maladaptive information is stored in the body, it becomes “negative or stuck” energy.

The Psychicology Dr. uses EMDR to target past lives and epigenetics we hold in our bodies (Genetic information passed down from generation to generation). This is the space to bring into the present information ready to come up with mind-body-spirit.

Minimum of 3 sessions required for optimal results.

  • 45 minutes * $180 (per session)
  • Add a 5 minutes aura healing to EMDR for- $25

Events & Classes

Book the Rev. Dr. Lemieux for special events. You can email her for inquiries. Pricing depends on the event, time, and location.
For out of state or country events, please allow 2 months notice.

Contact me if interested!

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