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Past Life Regression

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Be guided into a past life by a practitioner who can “see” you and assist you during “blank spots” while journeying into your souls past life memories. Session includes a soul healing retrieval to complete past life karma.


By setting up a session you are agreeing to my terms of service, understand & read all conditions and are at least 18 years of age. All payments are made in full prior to the session. Payments secure and confirm your appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation text or email, your appointment has not been confirmed. Just like a doctor’s office, you will be responsible to enter into your session with The Psychology Dr. Missed appointments are considered used (someone else could have benefited from that appointment time) and therefore rescheduling or refunds cannot be issued. Coming into session late can only guarantee use of scheduled time left and may not be extended to a full session. If the provider runs late, full-time will be made up to you. Rescheduling can be done within minimum 24 hours.

All services are deemed as entertainment only and does not take the place of your medical doctor, mental-health clinician or any other health related physician. Results vary per session with each client. Prices are subject to change. All sales are final.

Please be mindful, sometimes all questions can't be answered within a set amount of time and making another appointment is advised.

All information from The Psychicology Dr. is intellectual property of The Psychicology Dr.

Appointment Time

All sessions are by appointment only. Hours of operation are from 12 pm to 10 pm (PST) Monday – Sunday. Make an appointment by calling or texting the number below or sending an email.

Call: +1 (310) 893-0113


Past Life Regression
50 minutes - $225.00
  • 50 minutes - $225.00

Past Life Regression

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